Polaroid 220 / by Jessica Davis

This past weekend I came across an old polaroid camera at my parents house that belonged to my Grandfather and Grandmother from the early 70s right before my grandmother passed away. In the camera case I found photos of my parents from the time they were dating and a few portraits that my grandfather took of my grandmother. My grandfather is the type of person that keeps to himself, doesn't talk much about his feelings, but through the simple images of his wife, you could see the love he had for her. You could see how he was trying to hold on to her even for the fleeting moment that a photograph can hold on.

It so happened that my coworker C.Bay Milan (cbaymilin.com) also had the same type of camera and was able to get it to work. So I bought a new battery and some film.... what do ya know... the thing still works. Film is such a beautiful medium that I don't work with much anymore. Any moment I get to actually shoot with film I take. Below is a picture that Bay took of me while we were testing the camera out!