Repeats and Magrittes. / by Jessica Davis

Two for the price of one! Huzzah!

What defines my life today is technology. It’s there when I wake up and I need it to do my job. Another thing that defines my life is where I live. I live in the place that I have dreamed of living since I was a kid. New York represents, for me, all my hopes and dreams that I feel I have achieved thus far in life. For this one, I wanted to merge the two, so I turned the skyline into hardware. The bottom image was originally a Manhattan skyline that I photographed from Dumbo (Brooklyn) at sunset. I deleted the sky and added in a cloud scene from a sunny day. Then dragged each layer and repeated creating a pattern. I did the reverse with the clouds so you see the outline of the sklyine floating upwards, repeating as well, but away from the skyline.

As this project is progressing, I am researching more and more surreal photographers. For this one below, I was told to check out Rene Magritte. I was familiar with his work before this (most famous for “The Son of Man”). But it wasn’t until this project began that I started to think about him inspirationally.

Rene Magritte -