Lightbulbs by Jessica Davis

It’s been forever since I’ve posted… I can think of about 100 different reasons as to why exactly this is, but the truth is that I just haven’t felt that creative as of the late I suppose. I recently moved to Brooklyn and my main concern has been decorating. I love decorating.

ANYWAY… I have been very into light lately. The way it can grace a face in the different times of day or the way it can creep into your room in the morning through the crack of your shades. I find myself stopping short on the streets of manhattan and just staring at the way the sun falls across a street. But, also as a photographer I am trained to notice these things… Donuts nothing out of the ordinary BUT… This obsession with watching light has transformed me into watching the way lightbulbs light the night.

A big project is brewing in my mind… A landscape… Yes, it’s true I am actually going to leave the comfort of my still life studio for this project!!! A landscape full of lightbulbs, the finesse details are still going on, but it feels good to have the creative juices flowing again :-)