Day 2, surreal 2 / by Jessica Davis

The portrait is a photo that I took at the met of a Alfred Stieglitz silver gelatin print when they were doing a retrospective of his work last winter. The image is actually a very sad portrait, you get very lost in her eyes, and (for me at least) feel her pain. The photo had been sitting in my hard drive in a folder under the name “why can’t I delete you?!”. It’s filled with random shots of things that for one reason or another just intrigue me. She was/is one of them. So for this shot I wanted to make her less appealing to me, make a mockery of her. To do so, I knew I’d have to mess with her eyes. I had a photo of a plastic baby doll head, so I put those in place… Keeping the color even though the image is b&w. I then colored her lips in to balance the color of the eyes. Lasty, I drew a tattoo style tear drop on her face to comment back on the original sadness that Stieglitz intended to have.